N25 - STOP Dissemination Seminar

As a prelude to N25 - the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women - preliminary results of STOP were presented to the public at a dissemination seminar at University of Granada on November 24, 2022. Besides the Spanish and Danish project teams, participants were local stakeholders, including Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer, Ayuntamiento de Granada, Asociación de Psicología Feminista, healthcare workers from the Andalusian public health systems. The event was covered by regional news media, including CanalSurMas regional television and GranadaHoy.

TV coverage (@7:31 min): https://www.canalsurmas.es/videos/detail/60982?share

Newspaper coverage:





Consortium Meeting in beautiful Granada


On November 25-26, the STOP consortium reached quite a milestone. Not so much a milestone related to the project activities but a milestone for the collaboration.

After working together for more than a year, we finally managed to meet each other in person for the first physical consortium meeting in the project lifetime. The consortium met in beautiful Granada for a two-day meeting and Granada was the perfect location as the city celebrated the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25th.

This consortium meeting focused on the current status of the project and we also started planning for 2022 which will be a(nother) busy year in the STOP project. During 2022, we will offer our services to thousands of women across the Region of Southern Denmark and Andalucia. We will also finalise the data collection and start working on the publication of our results and experiences from the project.

We look forward to sharing it!

STOP Consortium Meeting November 2021


We are now fifteen months into the STOP project and have managed to get to know each other but meeting in person should ease reflections and discussions. Thanks to the Spanish team for organizing it.

Find the deliverable here: Consortium Meeting November 2021

STOP Consortium Meeting June 2021


The third consortium meeting in the STOP project was decided in December as an unofficial, additional consortium meeting. The spring and summer of 2021 is a key period in the project and with our next consortium meeting scheduled for late November, the project group wanted this opportunity to check in on the progress of STOP and help keep momentum.

Find the deliverable here: Third Consortium Meeting

Inclusion of women has begun!


During the last couple of months, we have been working hard to make the final tweaks on our STOP intervention developed to support and empower women exposed to IPV in order to launch the service in our two sites in Denmark and Spain. Also, we have provided training programmes for the dedicated staff to conduct screening and video counselling with the pregnant women.

In March, the STOP project launched the eHealth intervention and in both Denmark and Spain, women now participate in the screening for IPV. Already, a number of women have scored above the threshold indicating violence in their partnerships and have been offered to participate in the STOP project.

Thus, we are in the process of collecting the first experiences with our video counselling and safety planning service. We look forward to sharing our experiences with you along the way.

Safety app finalized for STOP

The safety planning app that accompanies the video counseling has been finalized and is introduced to the women during their pre-sessions.

A safety plan is a personal and practical plan for the woman to minimize the risk of danger and exposure to violence. The purpose of a safety plan is to protect the woman in the best way possible from future violence. Creating a safety plan is a natural next step after having made a danger assessment of the woman.

The features of the app are emergency contacts, warning signs, strategies, general knowledge about domestic violence, a quick message function, a share my location function, a resource function, a diary, and general settings. The app is free, and available for iOS and Android. Each woman will download the app on her own smartphone from the App Store or the Google Play store and it will be available through the duration of the STOP project.

First IPV counsellor training sessions coming up


As part of the preparations for the STOP project, much effort and many thoughts have been put into how the video counselling sessions should be carried out. On January 11th – 13th, we reach an important milestone as we invite the first video counsellors to a specially developed training programme. The first group is Danish midwives appointed to the project. During the three days, the midwives will get to know more about what intimate partner violence is (IPV), how it affects the women and their unborn child, what tools can be used in the counselling sessions to help the woman acknowledge that she is in a violent relationship, how to empower the women, and also how to carry out a counselling sessions via video. And much more.

As COVID-19 is still a dominating factor in Europe, the training sessions will be done virtually. The virtual setting provides a great opportunity for the IPV counsellors to get used to the digital communication environment.

2nd Virtual Consortium Meeting and 2020 wrap up


On December 17th and December 19th, the STOP Consortium wrapped up 2020 with our second virtual consortium meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to wrap up our 2020 activities and the initial preparations and developments leading to the next phase of the STOP project – the intervention phase. During the meeting, the partners discussed the implementation plans for the screening tool, the video counselling sessions, and the safety planning app in both Denmark and in Spain.
The second consortium meeting was also the first meeting for the Advisory Board of the STOP project. The members (three IPV experts and two target group representatives) provided great input and feedback for the further work in the project. Input from external experts and representatives from the target group is crucial to develop sustainable solutions!

Stay tuned for news on the launch of the STOP intervention in February 2021!

STOP Consortium Meeting December 2020


The second consortium meeting of the STOP project was a virtual meeting and took place on December 17 and 18, 2020. During the meeting, the progress of each work package was discussed. The project’s Advisory Board attended the meeting and provided feedback and suggestions to the consortium.

Find the deliverable here: Second Consortium Meeting

Launched and ready to work!


September 1st 2020 marked a special day for the STOP consortium as our project was officially launched. On September 28th – 29th, the partners of the STOP project met for the official kick of meeting to set the stage for the next two years of working together.

The consortium had planned for a physical meeting in beautiful Granada but due to the COVID-19 situation, the meeting was converted to an online meeting. It is important that we keep each other safe in this time and the STOP kick off meeting was a brilliant example of how it is still possible to meet and keep momentum for a newly launched project.

During the meeting, we discussed, among many other things, elements in the development process towards the implementation of the intervention in our feasibility study and our multidisciplinary assessment to be carried out as part of the project. The STOP project addresses a specifically vulnerable target group, pregnant women exposed to intimate partner violence, so we have great responsibility in terms of ethical aspects in our work.

The partners in the project are experts in the field across their respective disciplines and the kick off meeting really showed that great work lays ahead of us. We look forward to sharing our experiences along the way here on our website