STOP Consortium Meeting September 2020 - Kick Off Meeting

Month: September 2020

During the STOP project’s Kick Off, the participants discussed and planned the work to be done in each work package. The practicalities of the different screening process and the screening tools and cutoff levels were debated. The timing of the training sessions for midwives was considered; both the Danish and the Spanish teams expressed concern that the original timing of the sessions was premature and that it would benefit the project to move the training closer to when the screening begins. The current flare-up of COVID-19 has further emphasized this need. Issues with inclusion and exclusion criteria were debated, and it was suggested that the involved midwives may have to play a larger role in determining whom to include. The features of the safety planning app were discussed in detail, and based on perceived applicability and usability, the participants agreed on which to include and which to scrap. As the STOP project could be an excellent opportunity to gain better insight into the prevalence of IPV, different studies to be part of the project were presented, along with a strategy for a multidisciplinary assessment the effects of STOP. The upcoming feasibility study and preparation of further studies on IPV was only briefly discussed, as this work is still some time away.

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