Consortium Meeting in beautiful Granada

Management & Communication

On November 25-26, the STOP consortium reached quite a milestone. Not so much a milestone related to the project activities but a milestone for the collaboration.

After working together for more than a year, we finally managed to meet each other in person for the first physical consortium meeting in the project lifetime. The consortium met in beautiful Granada for a two-day meeting and Granada was the perfect location as the city celebrated the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25th.

This consortium meeting focused on the current status of the project and we also started planning for 2022 which will be a(nother) busy year in the STOP project. During 2022, we will offer our services to thousands of women across the Region of Southern Denmark and Andalucia. We will also finalise the data collection and start working on the publication of our results and experiences from the project.

We look forward to sharing it!

STOP Consortium Meeting November 2021

Management & Communication

We are now fifteen months into the STOP project and have managed to get to know each other but meeting in person should ease reflections and discussions. Thanks to the Spanish team for organizing it.

Find the deliverable here: Consortium Meeting November 2021

STOP Consortium Meeting June 2021

Management & Communication

The third consortium meeting in the STOP project was decided in December as an unofficial, additional consortium meeting. The spring and summer of 2021 is a key period in the project and with our next consortium meeting scheduled for late November, the project group wanted this opportunity to check in on the progress of STOP and help keep momentum.

Find the deliverable here: Third Consortium Meeting

STOP Communication Platforms

Management & Communication

As part of the STOP, a report has been prepared to map and present the communication platforms for the project.

Find the deliverable here: D1-3

STOP Consortium Meeting December 2020

Management & Communication

The second consortium meeting of the STOP project was a virtual meeting and took place on December 17 and 18, 2020. During the meeting, the progress of each work package was discussed. The project’s Advisory Board attended the meeting and provided feedback and suggestions to the consortium.

Find the deliverable here: Second Consortium Meeting

STOP Consortium Meeting September 2020 - Kick Off Meeting

Management & Communication

During the STOP project’s Kick Off, the participants discussed and planned the work to be done in each work package. The practicalities of the different screening process and the screening tools and cutoff levels were debated. The timing of the training sessions for midwives was considered; both the Danish and the Spanish teams expressed concern that the original timing of the sessions was premature and that it would benefit the project to move the training closer to when the screening begins. The current flare-up of COVID-19 has further emphasized this need. Issues with inclusion and exclusion criteria were debated, and it was suggested that the involved midwives may have to play a larger role in determining whom to include. The features of the safety planning app were discussed in detail, and based on perceived applicability and usability, the participants agreed on which to include and which to scrap. As the STOP project could be an excellent opportunity to gain better insight into the prevalence of IPV, different studies to be part of the project were presented, along with a strategy for a multidisciplinary assessment the effects of STOP. The upcoming feasibility study and preparation of further studies on IPV was only briefly discussed, as this work is still some time away.

Find the deliverable here: D1-5