Dissemination Plan

Communication and dissemination in STOP are generally, but not exclusively, targeted to health
care professionals and other stakeholders. External communication efforts are centered around
the project’s website, which has serves as a repository of public deliverables and news titbits from
STOP. A logo for STOP is designed and used on project-related communications to provide a sense
of unity. Posters and an information flyer are developed specifically for use in the Danish antenatal
care settings to boost the screening effort and create awareness of the nature of IPV among
pregnant women. Internal communication is centered around near-monthly virtual status
meetings; six consortium meetings (three virtual and three in-person) are held. Dissemination
efforts are focused on professional events, with project members presenting the (preliminary)
results of STOP at conferences and project days in both Denmark and Spain. A final conference is
arranged as a dissemination seminar in November 2022 with participation from several
stakeholder organisations. Scientific dissemination of project results is ensured through scholarly
papers in relevant peer-reviewed journals.



Find the deliverable here: STOP D1.2