Communication platforms

This document describes the communication platforms and channels of the STOP project.

The target group and focus area of STOP requires careful considerations in relation to the
communication and dissemination efforts of the project and project partners in order not to put
pregnant women exposed to IPV at any further risk. Therefore, the initial efforts are focused
around the project website to reach a wide audience and raise awareness of the activities the
project undertakes in relation to combatting intimate partner violence. During the project
lifetime, the communication and dissemination efforts will be adapted.

The visual identity of the project has been developed in order to both represent professionalism
and a softer feel related to the target group. This is reflected in the blue and coral red colours and
in the project logo showcasing a pregnant woman.

The STOP project website contains different pages in order to present both introductory
information about the project and the outputs that are developed during the project including
news items. The pages on the website are divided in:

– Home/Landing page
– About the project
– Partners
– Publications and Outcomes
– News
– Contact.

The communication activities will be updated on an ongoing basis and several means of
communication have already been considered. The project expects to utilise and will take into
account the social media channel Twitter, development of a project leaflet, and the development
of project merchandise.


Find the deliverable here: STOP D1.3