IPV Screening Tool

Video Counselling and Safety Planning App

An app-based safety planning tool to support self-management has been developed. The app is designed to provide decisional support for safety behavior and safety planning and will assist the women in developing strategies that increase their safety by increasing their awareness of IPV-related risks and providing the women with necessary skills to enhance their safety.

Multidisciplinary Assessment and Feasibility Study

The use of internationally validated scales is used to assess whether the eHealth interventions have entailed any change in signs of depression and exposure to IPV. Additionally, the acceptability and feasibility of video counselling and safety planning app are evaluated by use of the Model for Assessment of Telemedicine Applications (MAST) model where the users’ perspectives, safety (risk of harm, network problems, data safety), and ethical aspects (right to refuse eHealth intervention, stigma and discrimination) will be addressed through semi-structured individual interviews and in depth interviews with women and health providers. This will provide an in-depth understanding of how the users have experienced the eHealth interventions.

Feasibility of continuation and upscaling

Management and Communication

Published papers from the STOP project