Screening tools ready for use

The Spanish screening tool is an electronic application for tablets and the Danish screening is an electronic screening survey. Both screenings programs are developed to identify pregnant women exposed to IPV in antenatal care centres for recruitment into the video counselling project. The screening tool in both Spain and Denmark includes basic demographic data and validated questionnaires suitable for antenatal care settings (the AAS, ISA and/or the WAST-Short). In Spain the recording of provision of the women’s interest in participating in the screening and the counselling; her informed written consent for the screening according to the requirements from the Andalusian Ethical Committee; and follow-up data.

The two screenings programs have been developed in a collaboration between the two countries. In order to share knowledge and take each individual country and population into account, which also demonstrate the motive for the tools few differences.

Find the deliverable here: STOP D2-5 vs 2