Launched and ready to work!

Month: November 2020

September 1st 2020 marked a special day for the STOP consortium as our project was officially launched. On September 28th – 29th, the partners of the STOP project met for the official kick of meeting to set the stage for the next two years of working together.

The consortium had planned for a physical meeting in beautiful Granada but due to the COVID-19 situation, the meeting was converted to an online meeting. It is important that we keep each other safe in this time and the STOP kick off meeting was a brilliant example of how it is still possible to meet and keep momentum for a newly launched project.

During the meeting, we discussed, among many other things, elements in the development process towards the implementation of the intervention in our feasibility study and our multidisciplinary assessment to be carried out as part of the project. The STOP project addresses a specifically vulnerable target group, pregnant women exposed to intimate partner violence, so we have great responsibility in terms of ethical aspects in our work.

The partners in the project are experts in the field across their respective disciplines and the kick off meeting really showed that great work lays ahead of us. We look forward to sharing our experiences along the way here on our website