STOP - Spanish screening tool for IPV

Month: January 2021

As part of the STOP, a report has been prepared to present the Spanish screening tool to be used in the screening for IPV among pregnant women in the Spanish site.

The report provides a description of the electronic Spanish screening application, which has been developed to identify pregnant women exposed to intimate partner violence. In the report, you will also find screenshots of the different sections in the app such as the introduction to the project and the included questionnaires (AAS, WAST-short, and ISA.

Find the deliverable here: D2-1

STOP Data Collection

Month: January 2021

As part of the STOP, a report has been prepared to present the data collection across the two sites.

The report provides an overview of the data collection in the context of WP4. Here, you will find an overview of the study population followed by a description of the STOP interventions and training of midwives and psychologist for the data collection. Furthermore, it provides a description of the qualitative data collection, the management of the data and monitoring of the intervention, and ethical considerations in relation to the data collection.



Find the deliverable here: STOP D4-2 v2

STOP Communication Platforms

Month: January 2021

As part of the STOP, a report has been prepared to map and present the communication platforms for the project.

Find the deliverable here: D1-3

First IPV counsellor training sessions coming up

Month: January 2021

As part of the preparations for the STOP project, much effort and many thoughts have been put into how the video counselling sessions should be carried out. On January 11th – 13th, we reach an important milestone as we invite the first video counsellors to a specially developed training programme. The first group is Danish midwives appointed to the project. During the three days, the midwives will get to know more about what intimate partner violence is (IPV), how it affects the women and their unborn child, what tools can be used in the counselling sessions to help the woman acknowledge that she is in a violent relationship, how to empower the women, and also how to carry out a counselling sessions via video. And much more.

As COVID-19 is still a dominating factor in Europe, the training sessions will be done virtually. The virtual setting provides a great opportunity for the IPV counsellors to get used to the digital communication environment.

2nd Virtual Consortium Meeting and 2020 wrap up

Month: January 2021

On December 17th and December 19th, the STOP Consortium wrapped up 2020 with our second virtual consortium meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to wrap up our 2020 activities and the initial preparations and developments leading to the next phase of the STOP project – the intervention phase. During the meeting, the partners discussed the implementation plans for the screening tool, the video counselling sessions, and the safety planning app in both Denmark and in Spain.
The second consortium meeting was also the first meeting for the Advisory Board of the STOP project. The members (three IPV experts and two target group representatives) provided great input and feedback for the further work in the project. Input from external experts and representatives from the target group is crucial to develop sustainable solutions!

Stay tuned for news on the launch of the STOP intervention in February 2021!