Development of Training Manual for Conducting Video Counselling

A training manual developed for the IPV counsellors who conduct video counselling in the STOP-project. The manual was developed to support the counsellors and provides information including workflow, basic guidance, and methods related to the different sessions of the intervention.

There are minor differences between the interventions in Spain and Denmark. Therefore, two separate manuals were developed: one for the Danish midwives and one for the Spanish psychologist to align the manual to the context where it is used. Both manuals include guidelines and information for the situations where the counsellor is in contact with the women exposed to IPV: pre-session, video counselling and post-intervention evaluation.

The manuals cover topics such as general contact information (on project members, midwives, and technical support), an introduction to the STOP project, guidelines and workflows for the individual sessions, a theoretical framework, description of relevant methods for awareness raising, support and empowerment, best practice for video counselling, information about danger assessment, etc.

In Denmark, the manual was printed and delivered to the 10 midwives in the STOP-project as part of a training visit. At this visit, the manual was thoroughly explained and reviewed.

In Spain, it was not possible to visit the psychologist due to the COVID-19 situation. Therefore, the manual was sent digitally, and later explained and reviewed via video conference.

As the deliverable is confidential, it is not made available here.